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07.02.2018 — IPT News Release: Declare Your Financial Independence with Three New Retirement Planning Action Guides from The When I’m 65 Program

06.14.2018 — IPT News Release: Investor Protection Trust and Investor Protection Institute Recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

02.22.2018 — IPT News Release: Financial Field Manual For U.S. Servicemembers & Families Available from Investor Protection Trust for Military Saves Week

03.27.2017 — IPT News Release: Pennsylvania Secretary of Banking and Securities Elected as New Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

02.15.2017 — IPT News Release: "Financial Field Manual" For U.S. Servicemembers & Families Now Available from Investor Protection Trust/Investor Protection Institute

10.27.2016 — IPT News Release: Missouri Commissioner of Securities Elected as New Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

03.22.2016 — IPT Survey News Release: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Seniors Hit by Financial Swindles

02.01.2016 — IPT News Release: Kentucky Securities Division Director Joins Board of Investor Protection Trust

07.29.2014 — IPT Survey News Release: Lawyers Ready to Join in Major Push to Spot and Report Financial Fraud Targeting Older Americans

05.29.2014 — IPT News Release: D.C. Associate Securities Commissioner Elected as New Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

01.07.2014 — IPT News Release: PA Banking and Securities Commissioner Elected To Investor Protection Trust

10.31.2013 — IPT News Release: Online Retirement Planning Tool to Be Free To Active and Retired Military on Veterans Day

10.29.2013 — IPT News Release: Scholarships to Be Provided to up to 300 Companies to Offer Unbiased Workplace Financial Education to

06.12.2013 — IPT Survey News Release: 1 In 5 Doctors, Nurses Aware They Are Often Dealing With Older Victims Of Investment Swindles

04.02.2013 — IPT News Release: Investor Education in Your Workplace® To Train Another 3,000 Nationwide This Spring

11.01.2012 — IPT News Release: Two New Trustees Joining Investor Protection Trust

10.31.2012 — IPT News Release: Workplace Investor Education Thriving Under New Approach Promoted By State Securities Regulators

08.15.2012 — IPT Survey News Release: Family Members, Caregivers and Swindlers Are Top Financial Exploiters of Older Americans

08.15.2012 — Streaming Audio of Survey Release Telenews Event

06.13.2012 — IPT Survey News Release: More Than 4 Out Of 5 Experts Say Financial Abuse of Elderly is Getting Worse

06.13.2012 — Streaming Audio of Survey Release Telenews Event

05.09.2012 — IPT News Release: Major Boost in Employee Saving/Investing Seen Under Workplace Investor Education Program Now Going National

02.07.2012 — News Release: Ten-Hut! Updated "Financial Field Manual" for Military Families' Personal Finances Now Available

11.01.2011 — IPT News Release: Stopping Elderly Fraud Cold: States, Doctors, Financial Planners, Others To Launch National Hotline November 10th To Fight Swindlers Targeting Older Americans

08.02.2011 — IPT News Release: States Reaching Millions of U.S. Investors Through Investor Protection Trust

03.03.2011 — IPT News Release: Investor Protection Trust Gets Highest Honor From Council of Better Business Bureaus

03.02.2011 — IPT News Release: Indiana Securities Commissioner Chris Naylor Elected Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

11.17.2010 — IPT News Release: Tackling Investment Swindles Of Seniors As A Medical Problem - 24 Securities Regulators Across U.S. To Train Doctors To Spot & Report Elderly Financial Victimization

11.17.2010 — Streaming Audio of Telenews Event

10.29.2010 — IPT News Release: Federal, State Officials to Participate In First-Ever "National Summit On Elder Financial Exploitation" On November 11th

09.21.2010 — IPT News Release: Investor Education In The Recession -Investor Protection Trust Updates Materials To Reflect Economic Downturn

IPT Testimony

03.16.2011 — Testimony of IPT and Baylor College of Medicine to the U.S. Sentate Special Committee on Aging

IPT Comments and Other Materials

11.02.2012 — IPT Response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Request for Comments on Financial Education

10.05.2012 — IPT Response to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability Request for Comments on Workplace Financial Education

08.20.2012 — IPT Response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Request for Information on Elder Financial Fraud

06.22.2011 — IPT Response to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Request for Comments on Effective Investor Education Programs