About the Investor Protection Trust

The Investor Protection Trust is a nonprofit organization devoted to independent and unbiased investor education, research, and support of investor protection efforts.

Since 1993, the IPT has worked at the state and national level to provide the independent, objective investor education that Americans need to make informed investment decisions. The IPT also supports research and investor protection efforts that benefit the investing public.

The IPT operates programs under its own auspices and provides grants to underwrite investor education and protection initiatives carried out by state securities regulators and other non-profit organizations. IPT is an independent organization that is funded by donations and does not advertise, promote any business, or sell personal information.

Remembering Lynne Egan

The IPT team and Trustees remember Lynne Egan, our Lead Trustee and Montana’s Deputy Securities Commissioner.

Lynne earned the NASAA Blue Sky Cube Award for Exceptional Public Service and Fierce Advocacy on behalf of the Investing Public, as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Themis Award for Extraordinary Professionalism, Perseverance, and Effort in the Pursuit of Justice for Victims of Securities Fraud. Her integrity and leadership improved the IPT, and she will be missed.

IPT Trustees

IPT functions under the direction of a Board of Trustees composed of State Securities Regulators or their designees. Current IPT Trustees are:

Barry Glennon

Lead Trustee
New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation

Noula Zaharis

Georgia Secretary of State’s Securities & Charities Division

Kelly Janes

Compliance Division Director
Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office

Tung Chan

Securities Commissioner
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies